What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know

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Since we would not imagine that the Buddhist monk would really kill Buddha, the hyperbole is obvious. Or so I thought.

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It surprises me how few of the people who wrote about my article caught the hyperbole, irony, and tongue-in-cheekiness I intended. Lighten up a little! Unless, of course, you think Darwin is so solemn a subject that he cannot be messed with or joked about. That kind of rigidity strikes me as rather, well-fundamentalist. Anyone who thinks those words amount to trashing Darwin needs a refresher in reading comprehension, and should get themselves a glass of wine. Quite the opposite, I explicitly dismiss creationism. It confuses people about evolution, and evolution is too important for people to stay confused about.

Language matters. My perspective: Not so.

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Indeed, numerous angry blogs, many from scientists, defended using this term. This is awfully similar to how Christians refer often to one man, one book. And that helps open a space for religion to demand equal time in what is actually a scientific topic: evolution, or teaching about evolution. My perspective: My piece explicitly dismisses creationism.

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At least some religious people were open to considering what I was writing about. I noticed this on the Web, by a pastor:. Evolution is about more than one man. And here is another post from my evangelical Christian friend Ken Wilson horrors!

On the Origin of Socialist Darwinism

I speak to people who have different beliefs! He likes me anyway. Contrary to those fundamentalist scientists who derided my article so angrily but so selectively. And unlike some rigid scientists, one Reverend understood that I was writing with some hyperbole and having some fun—and offered to defend the piece against any complaining Christians.

Because unlike some scientists, the Reverend understood that Christian evangelicals could be upset about my article. Interesting that some religious people were drawn in to reading my piece carefully. The Reverend wrote:. Read and enjoyed it immensely!

You can win the argument and lose the heart. Oddly, scientists and evangelicals share in this by their prickly defensiveness. I am not a scientist, but from time to time read articles and books on scientific topics. I do not find the grand theory of evolution to make sense, although certainly microevolution is observable and well proven. From an outsider to evolution, when the voices are so shrill and intense every time someone dares to make a peep of criticism about Darwin or evolution, it gives off a totalitarian atmosphere, where even hints of dissent from the party line are not tolerated and must be immediately quashed.

Many of them are in our collection to this day, used for global scientific research and available for visitors to see up close on our behind-the-scenes spirit collection tour. As the top science attraction in the UK, the Natural History Museum will always be a refuge for those who want to discover more about the natural world.

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What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know
What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know
What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know
What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know
What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know
What Darwinists Dont Want You to Know

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