The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit

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What the Lord spoke to Samuel was not a new law or doctrine different from that of Moses.

During this era in Israel, there was little evidence of Heaven invading earth. In those days the word of the LORD was rare; there were not many visions. Religion was a predictable, mechanical affair with priests and sacrifices, but little of the living God. Superficial religion was corrupting the nation, but the God of Israel rescued His people and turned things around.

What is the Holy Spirit & What Does He Do?

He can do it again now for us. But it must begin with someone, even a boy, becoming acquainted with and treasuring the presence of the Lord. There is no escaping that this is where so many of us are at today in both so-called evangelical and charismatic churches. The only answer to a lukewarm church or a struggling Christian is the same as ever — the fire of the Holy Spirit!

You are in priestly service whenever you are taking a message from God to the world and when you go to God — interceding, praying for those outside of the church to come to know Christ. His proclamation of the gospel was holistic. Like Jesus, his preaching with words was accompanied by a demonstration of the in-breaking of the kingdom of God. It involved three things:.

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People are more affected by what they see than by what they hear. The coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost brought a great outpouring of the presence of God.

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God is present among his people now by the Holy Spirit. He is present in his gathered community for example, in Matthew He is present in your heart. Lord, I pray that you would restore to your church today the awesome power of your presence among us. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon me again. May I see lives radically changed as people come to obey you by what I say and do — by the power of signs and miracles. He is present with you now, all the time, by his Spirit who lives in you.

God prepared his people for this extraordinary privilege.

7. Holy Spirit - The Power of God's Presence

We see in this passage just how important it was. David consulted with his leaders. The ark was a gold-covered chest that contained, among other items, the stone tablets of the ten commandments see Hebrews The ark was the most holy object in the whole system of temple-based worship.

It served primarily as the symbol of the awesome presence of God , whose glory cloud was enthroned above it 1 Chronicles , see also Exodus , 1 Samuel On the other hand, it required great respect and anything that verged on disrespect brought judgment vv. This is what makes Christians blessed: not only that we put our trust in an unfailing God, He dwells in us in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecostal-Charismatic Theologian

As we trust in Him, He fills us with Joy and peace, and we overflow with hope by the power of His Spirit. Health is our inheritance. Adam in the beginning lost it but Jesus Christ through His stripes restored it for us. He heals many people from various diseases. He heals every deformity of the body: He makes paralytics to walk again, the blind to see, and the deaf to hear. After Jesus returned to heaven, the Spirit of Truth which is the Holy Spirit, in the lives of believers, takes over His position since the day of Pentecost.

And up till today, the Holy Spirit through believers is doing the same miracles and even more than what Jesus did when He was on earth. There are many other ways the Holy Spirit keeps us healthy: He gives us strength when we are weak; He breaks the power of fornication, alcohol, smoking or drug addiction that can harm our health; He protects us against germs and poisons in our environments. In Scriptures, the ministry of the Holy Spirit in keeping us healthy is truly not what any man may exhaustively discuss.

The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit
The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit
The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit
The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit
The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit

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