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It will just add the weight of the item to your pack without giving you the gun. Next, we finally finish the deathclaw egg quest for Jas in Sloan and she teaches us how to make said omelette, which is one of the best healing items in the entire game if you have high survival skills like we do. Or if you like explosions, or if you like sped up footage because someone forgot to save in between episodes… You know, all that good stuff! We take on the Deathclaw Alpha Male, his made the Deathclaw Mother, wipe out their brood, and finally get our deathclaw egg.

We start out on the Strip and then head on back to see Caesar, he thanks us for murdering a frail, plus-year-old man by sending us on a suicide mission to talk to the Boomers. Thanks, Caesar…. Everything goes great at first, with a few deathclaws exploding their way to Deathclaw Heaven and us getting the challenge completed for killing five deatclaws with dynamite or other weapons like a katana. Oh well, at least, I proved that I could stand up to an angry deathclaw with the armor I have on towards the end of this one.

The above strategies are highly inaccurate. Because deathclaws ignore armor, powerarmor is not a godsend, only a hindrance. Because of massive risk involved, attacking a deathclaw in melee is NOT recommended.

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Miniguns are no more useful against them then any other weapon, and possibly less. Anything that can cripple one or both of a deathclaws legs is the way to go. Deathclaws run at insane speeds and have a lunging attack that is impossible to dodge. With either leg crippled, they lose both of these advantages. In the early game, the most practical way is to use a few frag mines, which will cause mostly leg damage, and once one leg is crippled, backpedal and fire with any gun, be careful to watch you back however.

Later, the dart gun replaces mines. Deathclaws are also one of a select few enemys against which a mini-nuke might be justified, if it doesn't kill outright, it will almost certainly cripple the deathclaw. Sometimes, deathclaws may appear next to you upon loading a savegame, in these cases where you may have no time to prepare, use whichever weapon you have ready that does the most damage in the shortest period of time and AP, possibly a combat shotgun, and target a single leg manually and with VATS. Other Options : One of the better weapons to take them down is the Bottlecap Mine.

Simply toss one down, back up a bit, and get their attention. Even with minimal Explosives skill it will nearly instant kill them, typically finishing off any long range damage you started. If they get too close, use a shotgun type weapon to cripple their legs, allowing you to make distance between yourself and the creature, as their melee attacks are devastating.

If you have the Alien Blaster , use it against the Deathclaws as they are probably the one of the toughest enemies Behind the Super Mutant Behemoth you'll come to face, especially if more than one of them are attacking you at the same time. A couple of shots to the head will take out a Deathclaw even at full health. Occasionally, you may find a solitary Deathclaw roaming about, as sometimes the game will randomly generate one outside the Super-Duper Mart. Although less often, there's also the very real danger of stumbling into a nest of them; in particular, the town of Old Olney , on the northeast section of the map between Vault 92 and the Republic of Dave is overrun with them.

Once the Enclave has made themselves known to the Player, small contingents of Enclave Soldiers may have crates with them that contain a solitary Deathclaw. If opened, the combination of Enclave Soldiers' ranged firepower and the Deathclaw's melee supremacy can easily overwhelm the player. At this point one of the only possible courses of action is the use of Mini Nuke assuming the Deathclaw has not already closed the distance.

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The cage can only be opened by the nearby Officer's key, who will open it if the Deathclaw's assistance is required. If the officer is killed, the crate will not be opened. It is also possible to find an Enclave camp with two Deathclaw crates, a glowing blue radio dish that is found elsewhere in the Wasteland, and a dead officer. It appears that the enclave has started to control Deathclaws as, at least in the above situation, the deathclaws had what seemed to be neural implants in their heads.

This particular incident was sighted around Girdershade. The Enclave-controlled Deathclaws have a mind control device affixed to their heads; targeting this in V. If you are a low level character, or you have the difficulty on very hard the best tactic is to run If you're a melee character, or you just don't want to waste your bullets, and you have good armour, then I reccomend using the ripper or auto-axe if you have the pitt.

It deals damage quickly. You can manage to kill a deathclaw in about 17 seconds with the ripper, and about 15 seconds with the auto-axe. Using the mauler or another unuiqe auto-axe will result in lots of deathclaws dead fast! This is really helpful when your ambushed by 2 or more deathclaws, because you can sometimes manage to hurt 2 deathclaws at one time with the auto-axe. Disabling 2 arms or legs at once!

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  • I don't really find them to be so hard. I used a normal scoped magnum, now I got the Blackhawk and love it, and usually 3 shot them through VATS before they even get close. I cleared the Old Olney place and used about 8 or so stims totally. I heard about it being supposedly hellish hard and thought I'd get a challenge, but..

    I find the scorpids to be more of a pain because they always come in pairs and I hate backtracking while firing.. My guy is a capped char, with all crits, sneaks, smallarms perks and 10 luck to boot, and I tend to crit alot. Was wearing Recon armor with Oasis hood and sunglasses gotta look good ya know through the encounter. I went to the Deathclaw cave after that and cleaned it up as well without any problems. Scorps is more of an annoyance..

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    As i am a sniper character,i tend to hide in good places and use the victory rifle to get a sneak attack critical headshot on them,if that doesnt kill them,i finish them off with colonel autumns 10mm pistol Werewolfhell , 3 January UTC. I didn't even use one. I just went through with my dart gun and shot each one in the leg, then stood back and finished them off with a hunting rifle.

    Bloodbath87 , 7 January UTC. I just when in to Old Olney and used a reservist rifle along with a stealthboy and shot all of them in the head I found it quite easy I was level 8 at the time. It true how people over exaggerate the difficulty but once you switch up to Hard Difficulty they do become reasonably hard, but not really nothing to worry about.

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    If you have the action boy perk use Leoduexs Hockey Mask and you can have up to 6 shots in V. Seftonboy , 10 April UTC i am a energy wepon person but some times i use sniper dart gun and small guns but energy wepons are my fav becase they are very powerfull against death claws. I usually just run up to their face with my fists or with a powerfist i love Fisto! I kill them with their own hands Unfortunately you have to kill at least one to get it Werewolfhell , 7 January UTC.

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    Oddly, there's a Final Fantasy 10 enemy in the Inside Sin area called 'abaddon' that arguably looks similar to Deathclaws. I think given that Deathclaws are basicly large, built, humanoids with big claws, however, the concept isn't unique enough to be a reference- its most likely a coincidence. The Deathclaw is a reference to the Shadowclaws from Wasteland. Samsung Sega SG Gold Sega Game Gear. Sega Megadrive. Japan chasehq Taito Corporat Taito-Z.

    World Taito Corporat Taito-Z. Sega SG Unknown Sega Master Sy. Samsung Sega Master Sy. Aaronix Sega Master Sy. Glorysun Sega Megadrive.

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    Kantamu Panic!! Jpn Bandai Sega Game Gear. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg mooncrst bootleg Lagun Galaxian. P vendetta Konami GX Japan bmaster Irem M Crew set 1, World, 4 Players, FD ? PC Engine.

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    Tomsoft Sega Megadrive. Coyo Sega Sega Game Gear. Coyo Sega Sega Master Sy. Twin Bee Japan ver.

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    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon
    The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon The Fatman - Claws of the Chameleon

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