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The Reploids Sneakers Home Delivery The Langoliers [short story] The Library Policeman [short story] My Pretty Pony [short story] Rainy Season Secret Window, Secret Garden [short story] The Moving Finger It Grows on You Chattery Teeth Brooklyn August The Doctor's Case Head Down The House on Maple Street Suffer the Little Children The Ten O'Clock People Umney's Last Case [short story] The Man in The Black Suit [short story] Lunch at the Gotham Cafe If you've ever wanted to know more about King's amazing and often controversial non-fiction, this is the reference work you must have.

Stephen King: Unpublished, Uncollected — Update.

Ten things I learned about writing from Stephen King

Stephen King. Almost thirty years later, Andy disappears, taking the secrets — and the dirty proceeds — of the corrupt warden with him. Both novella and film are beautiful, engaging works. Perhaps for this reason, it sticks clearly in my mind, a horrifying story of a man and his young son trapped in a supermarket by a monster-hiding pea-souper.

In , King produced a short novel about a young girl, Trisha, who gets lost in the woods during a family hiking trip. This, however, is little more than an excuse for King to examine the people of the town, and the relationships that make the town what it is. King is responsible for a number of non-horror novels under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman, a pseudonym that was kept secret while most of these books were published in the late s the joys of the pre-internet world.

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  • Stephen King: The Non-Fiction.

It quickly becomes clear that there are huge incentives for remaining on your feet, and to keep putting one of those feet in front of the other. From the viewpoint of Ray Garrity, one of the Walkers, The Long Walk is a vision of a dystopian future that is intense and affecting. It deserves a wider readership and, as such, finds a place on this list. Work through the ten works in this list for a nice gentle start.

Stephen King: Chronological List of Books and Stories

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Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
Stephen King: The Non-Fiction Stephen King: The Non-Fiction

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