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Just be sure to create content regularly pictures of your food, menu updates, etc.

The 5 Key Factors to a Successful Restaurant Business

Not sure how to start? Twitter happens in real time.

Time tweets carefully to reach customers at prime mealtimes with appropriate offers or other content. Use the free version of a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to set up a calendar of tweets. But consider your email calendar carefully. Launch an in-store giveaway with a business card fishbowl drop to collect your initial list of email addresses. Check your local events calendars for anything food-related that your restaurant could participate in.

15 best restaurant marketing strategies for 12222 – Part 1

Google Alerts is a free service that tracks when your business name or another designated keyword shows up in new web content. Many online food communities have large followings, like Eater or Chowhound. Stay in contact with your local branch and share any new happenings at your restaurant.

They may be able to help you get the word out, and will appreciate getting a hot tip. Customers often want to look at your menu before deciding to order from you, so put your menu online and keep it exciting, current, and easy to read.

Restaurant Marketing SECRETS (2019)

When you look for a new online ordering partner, be sure they have a team in place to help keep your online menu up to date. Most web traffic these days comes from mobile. According to Google, more searches now take place on mobile devices than on computers. A mobile-friendly website accommodates on-the-go customers who are looking for a place to eat in real time. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Customers love to earn points. Starting a program of your own or partnering with a company that already has one is a quick win.

Online marketplaces and delivery services streamline the ordering process, and can expose you to a whole new set of customers.

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If your restaurant requires or suggests reservations, use an online platform like OpenTable. Yelp has tremendous power in the restaurant industry, and having a strong backing of positive Yelp reviews is like having a flock of golden geese — reviews from Yelp can do wonders for your business. For that reason, as a restaurant owner you should absolutely be proactive and dress up your Yelp account so it works for you, rather than against you. The other big thing to keep in mind when it comes to Yelp is how you handle feedback.

If you get negative feedback, always answer in a polite, professional manner. I have a whole section in my Complete Guide to Yelp post about how to handle negative reviews, but the nutshell version is to always play the gracious host. You may also want to consider contacting the reviewer privately for more information about any negative incidents. Some business owners offer to send gift cards to Yelpers who have had less than favorable experiences, hoping to get them back in the door for a second chance.

For most restaurants, local is the name of the game. Geo-targeting ads help you save money, ensuring that only users in certain cities or within a specific radius see your ads eliminating non-relevant clicks, which can cost you big ad bucks. Be sure to take advantage of these handy targeting features to get your best ads in front of your best customers.

Having a strong Instagram presence is another semi-obvious but too important to ignore restaurant marketing tip. Show off your storefront, get up close with your top dishes, and use this social media main stage as a place to play around with your brand identity. For example, an all-natural health food store might try snapping pics of people kayaking, cooking, farming, or other activities you think your fan base will enjoy.

Also be sure to have some fun with hashtags — whether jumping on the hype of existing popular Twitter hashtags like ThrowbackThursday or inventing your own, hashtags are a great way to have some fun with fans. Instagram is a no-brainer for those in the food business — learn even more about Instagram marketing here. Use your email newsletter as a chance to celebrate your success, discuss new menu items, or share special discounts.

Need some email newsletter templates or layouts? No problem! User-generated content lovingly dubbed UGC is a great way to develop personal and intimate engagement with users. Consider awarding some random lucky contestants with a free appetizer or other prize! Hosting and promoting user-generated content shows customers that you appreciate them , turning occasional visitors into die-hard devotees.

In an age of robotic customer service reps and soon to be self-driving cars, the human element is severely lacking. Show off your 5-star staff doing what they do best! Seeing happy, smiling employees does wonders for your reputation, as customers long to be served by joyful workers. Showing off your pleasant employees also provides major reputation points — happy workers say a lot about a business, and fans are sure to take notice.

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Often, the restaurants with a strong social media presence as part of their restaurant marketing plan are the ones that fare the best, and in the competitive food industry, ignoring social media is a death sentence. There are many great free and paid social media management tools — a few popular free options include:.

Top 27 Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Also check out this list of easy Facebook marketing ideas for any type of business. Ironically, I saw an ad on Facebook from the restaurant that I used to work for. It was full of spelling and grammar errors, the copy was terrible clearly no one with a marketing background was behind this ad , and the only engagement that it was incurring were vicious comments from people talking badly about the restaurant.

This is a very, very bad strategy for winning customers and building brand awareness. When you are ready to put real dollars behind online advertising, make sure you can actually afford doing it the right way. Online advertising is not magic. The more money you put in, the more success you are eventually going to see, it just takes time and diligent optimization.

There is more to online advertising than putting some money into a campaign, creating a pretty picture and writing a headline. There is a whole marketing funnel to consider and a lot of customer research, defining of goals, and analysis of desired outcomes involved. They do work. You just need to know how to make them work for you. Examine forms of valuable engagement beyond discounts; think experiences. Plan to engage guests in-restaurant and those who opted-in to a loyalty program with surprise and delights such as early access to LTOs.

Value that drives loyalty starts with creating a reason for one additional visit. Begin your marketing from within. Make the marketing match the brand, so tightly that no other competitor could, well, compete. Everything changes—technology, recipes, trends—but consistently exceeding expectations in a valuable and unique way is the best way to market your restaurant and will have guests coming back for seconds and thirds. Everyone sees them, and they can be really embarrassing. But, haters are gunna hate and brands are gunna, or should, answer.

Acknowledging a complaint also provides an opportunity to learn about your business, the perception of your business and your customers.

The Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas From 18 Experts - BuildFire

Think outside of the box! This will also remind people to tag your restaurant and share their experience. People taking photos of their food is no new phenomenon, but the craze has evolved to the point where almost every person who is enjoying a meal is taking a photo and sharing it online. By installing the Instagram Feed plugin on your WordPress website, any Instagram user that uses one of your hashtags will automatically appear on your restaurant website whenever they share a picture of your food. Restaurants should handle manage their online reputation effectively.

This means they need to be monitoring and responding to customer feedback on websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. If there is a negative review, it is a good idea to send the customer a private message apologizing for their experience. For example, if you have a seafood restaurant in Phoenix, you would want to include relevant long tail keywords. More likely than not, your restaurant is based in a city or neighborhood that hosts events for foodies throughout the year. These types of functions are ideal for exposure, as attendees are sure to include media and local tastemakers.

Participation gives your restaurant the ability to introduce the public to your staff, and offers them a taste of your best dishes! Images are worth a thousand words.

Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies
Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies
Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies
Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies
Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies Restaurant Marketing Tips & Strategies

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