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So, pubic hair might be there to theoretically keep you safe. And getting rid of it? Well that comes with some dangers. Razors were involved in 83 percent of those injuries!

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Still, there are a lot of people taking the risk. A full 95 percent of the 1, people surveyed for a January article in The Journal of Sex Medicine had removed their pubic hair at least once in the previous four weeks. Just remember not to put any of that soap inside your actual vagina, because that could quite easily irritate its delicate tissue. Everyone has their preferences, but trying to change someone else should never come into it. Unfortunately, it does.

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That one good reason is if you want to do it, for yourself. So go ahead and book that wax or reach for the razor—but avoid unnecessary pain or freak-outs, try these tips for a safer shave. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork. Newsletter Wellness, Meet Inbox.

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Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Health May 18, By Zahra Barnes. Hawker and co point out that of the 15 RCTs identified by the NICE and Cochrane reviews, three found a positive effect of debriefing, nine found no effect and only two found a harmful effect. These two studies , they explain, were seriously flawed. As it was originally conceived, they explain, post-trauma psychological debriefing was meant to be part of:. It was specifically designed for selected psychologically resilient personnel who are trained to cope with expected pressure during their routine work in stressful situations.

These are teams of people who have trained together and been briefed together before working together. Debriefing is popular with emergency workers and aid workers, Hawker and co say, because many of them see it as their only chance to talk about their experiences. It allows them to do so as a matter of routine, without the stigma of therapy, which they sometimes fear could be detrimental to their careers. Research into these uses of debriefing should be encouraged and supported. To debrief or not to debrief our heroes: that is the question.

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Our round-up of the latest and best psychology articles, podcasts, TV shows, radio programmes and blog posts from around the we b:. This weekend the Guardian and Observer reach the climax of their Memory Week with not one, but two pull-out supplements. As part of Memory Week, Fernyhough took part in a live web chat on how to improve your memory.

Want to get control of your dreams? Psychologist and Digest contributor Tom Stafford has penned a pay-as-much-as-you-want-for-it e-book that will show you how. Channel 4 is currently broadcasting a series on neuroaesthetics called What Makes a Masterpiece? The secret to success is more about averting your eyes than gritting your teeth. Jonah Lehrer riffs on a study of temptation covered here on the Digest last week.

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Nudging meets the smartphone age. A new app available in the US penalises you financially when you miss your gym sessions — and it rewards you when you do go. Professor of Gambling Studies, psychologist Mark Griffiths, has started his own blog. Worth a look? The Guardian published an extract. Want to know what it feels like to have a year-old body? MIT have created a full-body suit that lets you experience it for yourself.

The importance of penis panics to cultural psychiatry — Vaughan Bell explains all over at Mind Hacks. National Geographic published a super feature on twin research, together with a wonderful photo essay. The New York Times had a feature on the difficulties experienced by people caring for a partner who suffered a brain injury.

Piaget, the great Swiss developmental psychologist, had children study a model of the mountains around Geneva and describe what the scene would look like from another perspective. His results led him to conclude that children younger than about seven are stuck with an ego-centric perspective. Since then, with ever more ingenious techniques, psychologists have demonstrated that even infants as young as one year old have a rudimentary sense that other people have a mind, perspective and intentions of their own.

Now Elena Sakkalou and Merideth Gattis have performed a study looking specifically at the role of prosody in the ability of infants to infer whether an adult intended to perform an action or made a mistake. Prosody refers to the sing-song, rise and fall of speech — its tempo and fluctuating pitch. For example, past research has shown how mothers use prosody to convey approval and prohibition, and that 5-month-olds smile more in response to the former.

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The former was characterised by higher amplitude, longer duration and falling pitch; the latter by a rising pitch contour. Crucially, the words signifying a mistake or intentional action were always delivered with the prosodic profile established earlier as being associated with a mistake or intended action.

Infants infer intentions from prosody. Cognitive Development, 27 1 , DOI: The Obama Presidency Political Psychology.

Neuroscience focus on Addiction Nature Reviews Neuroscience. Disease avoidance: from animals to culture Phil. Advances in mixed methods in family psychology: Integrative and applied solutions for family science Journal of Family Psychology, special section.

Self Modeling Psychology in the Schools. Pre-term birth Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews. Fifty-eight uni students watched three types of second video clip, each featuring a person kicking, throwing, putting or hitting a ball or shuttlecock. All videos were silent. One type of video ended with the consequences of the athletic action implied in the clip — for example, a football flying off into the distance.

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Another type lacked that final scene and ended instead with an irrelevant shot, for example of a linesman jogging down the line. The final video type was scrambled, with events unfolding in a jumbled order.

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This memory distortion happened within seconds, sometimes as soon as a second after the relevant part of the video had been seen. So memory invention was specifically triggered by observing a consequence e. A second study replicated these memory distortion effects with 58 more participants and with new contexts involving kicking, throwing and bowling. The researchers said their findings have obvious implications for crime scene witnesses.

Imagine a witness sees a man wielding a gun, and imagine seconds later they also see a person nearby falling from a gunshot wound — these new results show how easily the mind of the witness could invent a memory of having seen the moment the trigger was actually pulled. This was the case in the present study. Event completion: Event based inferences distort memory in a matter of seconds.

MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest
MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest
MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest
MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest
MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest
MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest
MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest MALE GENITALIA: 20 Minute Digest

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