Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy

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Canada condemns all acts of terrorism and terrorists should be brought to justice and prosecuted in accordance with international law. Terrorism must be rejected as a means for achieving political ends. It is counter-productive to reaching a comprehensive, just and lasting peace settlement. Canada equally condemns all forms of incitement. The Government of Canada has no contact with these groups. Canada assesses each resolution on its merits and consistency with our principles. We support resolutions that are consistent with Canadian policy on the Middle East, are rooted in international law, reflect current dynamics, contribute to the goal of a negotiated two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and address fairly and constructively the obligations and responsibilities of all parties to the conflict.

Canada advocates a fair-minded approach and rejects one-sided resolutions and any politicization of the issues. Successive Canadian governments have been concerned about the polemical and repetitive nature of many of the numerous resolutions. Canada believes that the United Nations and its member states have a responsibility to contribute constructively to efforts to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict. Canada will continue to examine carefully each of these resolutions as they come forward.

In March , the Government of Canada officially recognized the experience of Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, who were displaced after For 70 years , both Hebrew and Arabic were designated as official languages in Israel. This law just changed that.

Arabic is widely spoken by Palestinians in Israel, as well as by some Jewish Israelis with roots in Arab countries. Yet the assumption in Israel has long been that you need to know Hebrew to get a good education and job, and to be able to interact with official government bureaucracies, which largely conduct business only in Hebrew. But Arab Israelis say that stripping Arabic of its official status is meant to erase their identities and histories. They also say it will put them at an economic disadvantage, because Hebrew is often not taught well in schools in Arab Israeli communities.

This is a fundamental issue for many religious and religious nationalist Israelis. And since it belongs to Israel, the argument goes, Jewish Israelis are free to build settlements — small enclaves — in the West Bank. Most of the international community, as well as Palestinians and more than a few Israelis, disagree.

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They say that the West Bank belongs to a future Palestinian state, and that Israel has been illegally occupying it since it seized the territory in As such, Jewish settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. The nation-state bill passed on July 19 with a vote of 62 to 55, after years of political debate the law was first proposed in Like most Jewish Israelis, Dishin served in the Israeli Army for his compulsory duty, which he said has shaped his outlook and disenchantment about peace talks with Arabs. Today, Mizrachim are a core Netanyahu voting bloc.

Dishin described Israel as both Jewish and democratic — but in his view of democracy, non-Jews, including Arab citizens, need to meet certain conditions to be given the same rights as him. One who wants to get rights like every Jew has to give something to the country … has to prove himself.

The petition , supported by three Druze lawmakers, argued that the new law discriminated against Druze, many of whom serve in the military, unlike other Arab citizens. And Ihab Elbedour, a year-old Palestinian with Israeli citizenship originally from a Bedouin community in the south, fundamentally disagrees with the aims of the new law. Elbedour, a law student, said that non-Jewish citizens of Israel have long faced discrimination and this new law would make that inequality even harder to challenge.

He worried that this law would be used to kick out Palestinians from mixed Arab and Jewish villages and cities, like Beersheba, where he partially grew up. In , there were numerous protests at the Israeli embassy in Ireland over the treatment of Palestinians. Relations between Italy and Israel remain strong, with frequent diplomatic exchanges and a large volume of trade.

The Israeli Government has followed with great attention the fight against international terrorism pursued by the Italian Government.

Canadian policy on key issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Latvia and Israel established diplomatic relations 6 January Rinkevics and Peres agreed on the key significance of education and knowledge-based economies for the development of small countries further paving opportunities for our future cooperation between the two nations. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also corroborated claims that Israel is interested in forging closer relations with Latvia as Rinkevics emphasized the 20th anniversary of relations between Latvia and Israel in and both foreign ministers expressed their commitment to strengthening economic and trade cooperation, including contacts between Latvian and Israeli entrepreneurs and a more cooperative operation in the fields of education, culture and science.

Israel recognized Lithuania's independence in Both countries established diplomatic relation in Israel has an embassy in Vilnius. Relations are warm and friendly between the two nations and both bi-national trade and tourism has doubled, and two new regularly scheduled flights have just been set between the two countries since Lithuanian achievements, particularly Lithuania's achievements in biochemistry and the biosciences have attracted Israeli entrepreneurs and investors to invest in Lithuania's science and technology sector and Lithuania is enthusiastic in combining Israel's knack for unlocked untapped entrepreneurial and intellectual potential combined with Lithuania's strong science and technology research base and talented workforce.

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Both nations have concluded an agreement on cooperation in industrial research and experimental development as further cooperation within venture capital to fund joint research projects remains underway. Bilateral meetings between both nations reached unexpected highs between — and cooperations between the two nations remain excellent with several forms of cooperation that include science, economics, education, and culture as emphasized by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Azubalis.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has stated Israel as model of innovation in which is one of the reasons that Lithuania is interested in enhancing its bilateral relations. In alone, Israeli tourism to Lithuania grew by 62 percent, and Lithuanian exports to Israel increased by 54 percent. Israel's leading pharmaceutical company, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, has a manufacturing plant in Lithuania and TEVA recently invested in "Sicor Biotech", a Lithuanian biotechnological pharmaceutical company, further signifying economic cooperation and encourages the development of such sciences as biotechnology and genetic engineering in Lithuanian universities.

Israeli companies have taken a very active interest in possibilities for carrying out clinical research in Lithuania; many of them are already in cooperation with Lithuanian medical institutions and have invested in Lithuania's burgeoning life sciences sector. In , Lithuanian biotechnology company ProBioSanus signed a representation agreement with Bharat Israel where ProBioSanus' natural, probiotic-based cleaning and personal care products will be available for sale in Israel for the first time.

The company already opened stores in Lithuania and Scandinavia. Mr Andrejauskas, head of ProBioSanus spoke of this agreement saying that "We have a strong scientific base and intellectual potential in Lithuania, so we are allocating particular attention to the creation of new formulas and products.

According to Vadimas Ivanovas, a business and financial analyst at Enterprise Lithuania, says that Israeli retail chains are very interested in Lithuanian sweets, pastries, canned vegetables, various sauces, alcoholic beverages, mineral water. In November , Luxembourg voted in favor of the partition plan to create a Jewish state. Israel and Luxembourg established full diplomatic relations in Due to Luxembourg's small size, the Israeli embassy is located in Brussels and Luxembourg is represented politically by the Dutch embassy and economically by the Belgian embassy.

Israel’s hugely controversial “nation-state” law, explained

Relations between Moldova and Israel were established on 6 June Israel recognized Moldova on 25 December Israel is represented in Moldova through its embassy in Chisinau and Moldova has an embassy in Tel Aviv and an honorary consulate in Haifa. Relations between the two countries are friendly and a warm one based on mutual support.

A myriad of efforts are primarily focused on the realization of achieved accords on cooperation in the fields of economy, medicine, industry, agriculture, social and cultural issues.

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Though the volume of trade between Israel and Moldova is low, Larisa Miculet , the Ambassador of Moldova to Israel has stated that there numerous untapped potential of increasing bilateral trade. For Israeli entrepreneurs and investors, Moldova is geopolitically convenient because of its location in the center of Europe, its high transparency between public authorities and foreign investors and due to its having eliminated most of the bureaucratic barriers that hinder business activities.

Various business sectors of cooperation between Israel and Moldova range from pharmaceuticals, energy, information technology and software, electronics and electronic equipment, power engineering, metal and plastics processing and construction materials but Moldova has stressed foreign Israeli investments in all segments of the Moldovan economy. In , the Netherlands voted in favor of the establishing Israel and established diplomatic relation in Norway was one of the first countries to recognize Israel on 4 February Both countries established diplomatic relations later that year.

Israel has an embassy which serves Norway and Iceland in Oslo. Norway has an embassy in Tel Aviv and 2 honorary consulates in Eilat and Haifa. Following the severing of relations after the Six-Day War , Poland was the first Eastern Bloc country to restore relations with Israel in Full diplomatic relations were reestablished in , after the fall of Communism in Poland. The Estado Novo regime did not recognize Israel. Full diplomatic relations with the Portuguese government were established on 12 May , following the Portuguese revolution of Romania and Israel established full diplomatic relations on 11 June Israel has an embassy in Bucharest.

On 17 May , on the third day of Israel's independence, the Soviet Union granted de jure recognition to the State of Israel, becoming only the second country to recognise Israel preceded only by the United States' de facto recognition and the first country to grant Israel de jure recognition. Relations were restored in 19 October , a few months before the dissolution of the Soviet Union , despite the fact that hostile Arab countries such as Syria also maintain close ties with Russia. Russia is known to supply Syria with weapons.

In September , Israel and Russia signed a comprehensive military agreement that will "increase cooperation on combating terrorism" and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Russian military plans on purchasing additional Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles. Russia previously bought 12 drones from the Israel Aerospace Industries following the war in South Ossetia. Diplomatic relations between Israel and Serbia's predecessor state, Yugoslavia , were severed for twenty-four years, from until , when they were officially renewed, by which time Yugoslavia was in the process of disintegration.

Diplomatic relations continued when, in April , the two remaining Yugoslav republics, Serbia and Montenegro, formed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia renamed to Serbia and Montenegro in February On 3 June , Montenegro and Serbia dissolved the union. On 17 February , Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia, a move Serbia rejects. Kosovo has been recognized by a substantial number of UN members, including the United States and most members of the European Union, but not by Israel.

Israel is reluctant to recognize Kosovo's independence, in part because of the possibility of Palestinians using recognition of Kosovo to justify their own unilateral declaration of independence. Both countries established diplomatic relations in Israel has an embassy in Bratislava. An Israel — Slovakia Chamber of Commerce and Industry also exists to facilitate further economic and business cooperation between the two countries.

Israel and Slovenia established full diplomatic relations when Israel officially recognized Slovenia on 16 April and on 28 April when the countries signed the Protocol establishing diplomatic relations between each other.

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The Slovenian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce was established in signifying a strengthening of ties and both countries have discussed bilateral cooperation in business, tourism, science and technology, and agriculture. A sizable Slovenian Jewish community was presently in the Gush Dan area. Francoist Spain did not recognize Israel, citing an international conspiracy of Jews and Freemasons against Spain.

Israel and Spain have maintained diplomatic ties since Relations between Sweden and Israel were good during the s and s, and Sweden expressed strong support for Israel during the Six-Day War. The First Zionist Congress was held in Basel in , and 15 out of a total of 22 congresses were held in Switzerland. Before the establishment of the State of Israel, Switzerland maintained a consulate in Jerusalem and a consular agency in Tel Aviv.

It recognized the new state in and opened a consulate in Tel Aviv, which was upgraded to an embassy in The Swiss community in Israel is the largest in the Asian region, totalling around 12, persons.

Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy
Israels Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy

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