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Author of Paranormal, Fantasy, & Sci-fi Romance

This is my honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own. Ice Hot was really quite innocent compared to Burn.

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Burn lives up to its title in a couple of ways. It's a My Disclaimer: The author offered this book to me in exchange for a read and review. It's a really hot guy in the starring role. He plays with fire, literally. And when he and his lady get together, the whole world seems to go up in fire. Have you ever wondered how authors come up with the combination of words that make up the stuff we love to read so much? I kept stopping and thinking about that in this book and the next one.

How did Jayelle know that these were just the right words to create that picture in my head? I've always wanted to be an author, but I just can't put words together like that. Plus, I don't have any stories in my head.

Heart of Venom

Morgan doesn't have either of those problems. She can put words together in such a way that you feel the heat, all of it! And this book certainly has its share of heat. This series reminds me some of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. Ward with the hot, powerful ancient warriors and their women.

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Hhmmm, do you suppose Ms. Morgan can come up with a few more of these delicious warriors? I strongly recommend Burn, book one in the Elemental Hearts series to any of you who like strong, magically talented warrior-types who also seem to have a sensitive side and just want to fight, make love and peace. My Review: Well, Ms. Morgan found another story in her head and plenty of words to tell it really well. This book had plenty of those moments that had me thinking about where authors find those words to combine to create just the right feeling or mental image.

I could picture Ajax with the serum on the ends of his hair! And I was laughing! The moment that stayed with me out of the whole book was the closeness created when Emory was lying in bed and Ajax brought Jackson back to bed in his clean diaper and pjs and tucked him in next to her and climbed in so the baby was cuddled between the two of them.

Elemental Series

The way Jayelle wrote it, I was able to see it and almost feel it. I was such a strong visual image for me that it has stayed with me still. Yet she can do fighting with knives cutting into flesh with the best of them. I like it that the Elementals heal quickly, though. Only Micah ever needed medical attention. Emory stitched him up while he held Jackson and sang his rumbly earth song to him. Another thing Ms.

Morgan is really good at is conversation. She writes it the way people speak.

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It's not stilted or awkward. It flows and stumbles just the way it does coming out of your mouth. Cuss words and all. It's not excessive, it's just the way it is in life. Some people do it more than others, some not at all. I think I liked Rise even more than Burn. Maybe it was the baby aspect of it. These big strong guys dealing with the baby was pretty cool. Each one went gooey! Now, I'm waiting for Micah's story. There's also Walker, the boss. I'm sure he has a story. And there are other bases for sources.

If we all buy and read enough of her books, I'm sure we could convince Ms. Morgan to keep on writing these stories. I'll bet she's got lots more in her head! So, go get your copies of Burn and Rise today and write your own reviews so more people will hear about her books!

Elemental Assassin Books by Jennifer Estep from Simon & Schuster

May 16, Melanie S rated it it was amazing Shelves: , action-adventure , alien , paranormal , romance , sci-fi , baby. I received a free copy of this book and I opted to leave a review. It's all about Ajax, the Air Elemental Warrior who controls wind and air, but fights the agents of Chaos with knives.

Ajax, the resident A-hole of his warrior post, who needles the others for fun and doesn't care who he ticks off. Everybody knows he's a player, rockin' the movie star hair and the smooth moves. Nobod I received a free copy of this book and I opted to leave a review. Nobody knows he's been celibate for over a year, haunted by his one-night stand with Emory. Beautiful human Emory, who he can't forget and can't love, because it is forbidden for Elementals to mate with humans. And nobody knows Emory's secret, one she's desperate to keep, but she needs Ajax' help with that. When she finally shares the secret with Ajax, there's a serious question as to which version of Ajax will show up - the arrogant jerk, or the responsible warrior?

Keeping this secret is hard, what with Chaolts getting bolder, kidnapping more powerful Erratics, showing up and disappearing into thin air - when the war against Chaos envelops Ajax' and Emory's personal struggles, Ajax has to choose: the lives of those he cares for, or the mission that is his entire reason for existing? I came to love Ajax, whose F-U attitude and rude behavior hide the sweet, steadfast, loving heart of a truly noble man. I liked that he worked through this emotions rather than just knee-jerk reacting. I didn't like Emory as much - she was so set on achieving her goals HER way that she stubbornly refused to be open to Ajax' love even as he met her more than halfway.

Thank goodness the author gives her the wit to choose better at the end. I cheered and feared for Em and Ajax the whole way through this book. There was plenty of suspense to keep things moving; the twists and uncertainties in the love story are as gripping as the overall fight against Chaos. There's enough boom, bang, and blood for fans of the fighting kind of action, enough steam and heat for fans of the sexy kind of action, and more than enough true love to go all the way to HEA. Plus, Walker and Micah are developing as characters to care about, so there's a book or two more in this series, for sure!

And I will be one-clicking each one. Jun 12, K. Munson rated it really liked it. A likable jerk, but a smug womanizer. He is intolerable Emory is a no-nonsense kind of person. She doesn't do one night stands: Except once. With Ajax. They are disgustingly cute together. Emory is a little wishy washy at times about what she wants but the woman it tough! I love their family dynamic with Jackson, their baby, is adorable. I was happy to see Levi and Brooke back. Plus Walker and Micah. All great supporting characters.

Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)
Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)
Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)
Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)
Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)
Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)
Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1) Elemental Heart (The Elemental Saga Book 1)

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