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Naturally, most people would prefer to make the meringue powder recipe so they can get out those spoons! Additionally, each house will need a cardboard base for support and easy carrying. Each completed gingerbread house has been photographed as a visual guide to construction. The houses that utilize graham cracker sections have visual diagrams so you will know how to cut partial pieces.

A brilliant combination. Love it. Each year at our family gingerbread decorating party the competition gets more fierce. But I wowed them all with this one. The ideas are easy and fun. There's a Lion in the Toilet. Customer Reviews See All. See more details of this gingerbread village. This took working hours over 10 days, 30 pounds of gingerbread, 35 pounds of icing sugar, gingerbread shingles, mini marshmallows, 1 teaspoon of real gold flakes, 30 window frames, and 15 poured sugar windows.

Created by Gerhard P. See more details of this gingerbread Victorian. Created by Denise J. See more details of this gingerbread NYC-scene.

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This took 3 months to create this project out of gingerbread, rolled fondant, noodles, gelatin sheets for the windows, icing, licorice, and gum for the roofs. The water wheel was the most difficult part for the builders, especially making the water flow look as real as possible. The siding pieces were each rolled to exact length and attached with icing. Created by Marjorie Ann M. See more details of this colorful flour mill.

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It is similar to a carousel with several levels, often depicting Christmas motifs, such as angels or manger scenes. They are typically made of wood. This gingerbread pyramid has 4 levels featuring a nativity scene, a toy train, Santa's sled pulled by three reindeer, and angels. The ingredients include gingerbread, royal icing, marzipan, fondant, and trimmed lasagna noodles for the propeller blades. Created by Barbara A. See more details of this German Christmas Pyramid.

It took three months to create this project out of gingerbread, rolled fondant, noodles, gelatin sheets for the windows, icing, licorice, and gum for the roofs. See more details of this gingerbread wharf. The primary tools used to construct this gingerbread house were a bandsaw an X-Acto knife.

For assembly, traditional royal icing was used. See more details of this gingerbread chalet. Created by Nancy S.

See more details of this gingerbread winter hotel. The horse and sleigh are made from gingerbread, and the harness from red licorice. The folks riding in the sleigh were made from colored gumdrops formed into shapes. The blanket was made from yellow gumdrop rolled thin with a rolling pin.

The woman's hat, hands, and scarf were piped from royal icing. The old fashioned bridge was made with several small pieces of cookies. Frosty, in the front of the gingerbread house itself, has a gumdrop base and was piped with royal icing, then finished with pieces of gumdrops. The house roof was made from gum painted with red food coloring. The trees are gingerbread and decorated with cinnamon candy, icing and pastel bits. Created by Mary Jane R.

10 Gingerbread Houses That'll Put Your Shack to Shame

The horse is made from gingerbread while the mane and tail are made from cooked and dried Ramen noodles. Red licorice strings serve as the reins and we made the area rug from sour strip candies, the saddle from marzipan, and the blocks from graham crackers "stained" with food coloring. See more details of this holiday horse. The tree trunk is made by stacking round gingerbread cookies with royal icing sandwiched between.

The limbs are pretzels. The children are made with gumpaste and fondant. The dirt is ground gingerbread and vanilla cookies and the dried grass is shredded wheat. An X-acto knife was used for cutting pieces and scoring the woodgrain into the rowboat and the pilings; a fine sand paper was used for rounding and smoothing both gingerbread and gumpaste; a metal ruler was used for cutting and measuring all of the main pieces as well as the individual bricks, shingles, and stones; a level to make sure the "rock" base was level.

See more details of this charming lighthouse. The structure is all gingerbread, and I piped royal icing for my clapboard siding. The roof is bowtie pasta and cereal on the eaves. Marzipan was used to make apples, baskets, and pumpkins. The porch has cinnamon stick columns. The stone work is soup beans and the window "glass" is poured hard candy.

The Ultimate Gingerbread House And Cookie Guide

Some shrubs are corn flakes and others are Fruity Pebbles. Created by Joni T. See more details of this. The gingerbread castle pieces are all painted grey with thinned royal icing. It has gumpaste cupolas, royal icing green wreaths, rice paper banners, gingerbread soldiers and their ladies dressed in royal icing attire. The castle is surrounded by a moat and has rock candy rocks in the back. My stone is toffee cooked to be softer than normal so it's pliable enough to form into realistic-looking stones, then hand painted using food color.

Black licorice string was cut repeatedly to make it thin enough to look like leather rope for the chocolate tree's swing. A template was made with cardboard, a ruler, and an X-Acto knife. The pieces were decorated with colored royal icing. The little wreaths and jimmies were placed with tweezers. After decorations were set and dry, icing was spread with a knife onto the edges of the pieces, they were pressed together and left to dry.

Tools used to create this gingerbread house include a band saw, micro plane, X-acto knives, silicone mats and rollers, and assorted cookie cutters and molds. Royal icing was used to pipe the house siding, leaves in windows, and trees. Fondant was used to craft the window trim, and figures. An impression mat was used to give the gingerbread fence a stone look. The structure was built with a an X-acto knife, some metal duct pipe, and a ruler.

A belt sander was used to make the edges straight and smooth out bumps. Butterscotch is made of dried, carved French bread with icing fur. Everything else is gingerbread, icing, white dough, food coloring and pasta. Outside walls and cardinal are not visible at this photo angle. Red gingerbread dough painted with red food coloring was used for the look of stained wood. The nuts in the bowl, the green bag, head and votive candle were made from molded Rice Krispie treats covered with fondant.

The hair is thin rice vermicelli. A Dremel, level, rulers, drill, sanding block, and paint brushes were used to build the Santa nutcracker.

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The roof is made with airbrushed rice noodles, and then sprinkled with rosemary. The gnome and frog are made of Rice Krispies treats, and covered with fondant. The lattice fence, and flowers are made of gumpaste. The spice flowers, and weeping willow are made of spaghetti. The hand-painted butterfly is made of fondant. The board is covered with Italian seasoning. A miniature table and chairs with a tea party, complete with cookies, sit inside. A table saw, paint brushes, and an airbrush were used in construction. This is a story house about a little boy's adventure with his best buddy Teddy and his faithful dog.

The two set out on a journey on a snowy afternoon.

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They ended up dreaming at the toy shoppe and having fun in the snow. They created a snow man in front of the toy shoppe and uncovered some of the grass that lay beneath the snow. The snow man received a glove and a scarf before the boys were distracted and and on to the next activity. This gingerbread Light house is all ginger bread. Roof is made from chewing gum ,the trees are made from ice cream cones with royal icing.

The gingerbread church is all gingerbread structure, royal icing adhesive, colored frosting accents, candy stained glass windows, Rice Krispie treats substrate covered in green royal icing.

Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut
Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut
Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut
Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut
Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut
Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut Easy Gingerbread Tiki Hut

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